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Educating Building Managers

Vision statement

Elite Building Managers Australia is an experienced management company to provide education to people working within the Facilities Management sector.  We will provide the elite class of managers who respectfully see their buildings as your home and treat them as their own.

Mission statement

Elite Building Managers Australia will be able to provide you with current legislative information to work as a Building Manager and guide you to better relationship management with your committee, lot owners, strata manager and contractors alike.

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  • Selecting the right Manager for your building is imperative because we know and understand the importance of juggling duties.

  • Having a good communicator will allow the Building Manager to be empowered to make the decisions that others are afraid of. 

  • Consulting with your stakeholders is imperative in order to get the best outcomes.

  • A good working relationship with your Committee and Strata Manager is a key duty that we know too well.

  • Have access to industry written and approved data sheets such as a building hand-over checklist.

  • Guiding you to understand your duties and stakeholder duties in Workplace, Health and Safety.

  • Provide you with tools to maintain compliance.

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  • Understand your duties.

  • Review your contractors on a regular basis to ensure that they are following the requirements for maintaining the essential services.

  • Workplace Health & Safety is important in all industries. We will give you some guidance to understand stakeholder expectations.

  • Review fire and safety for your properties so that you can plan your Maintenance Schedule



  • Elite BMA can put you in contact with auditors to complete DLP inspections, fire safety audits, contract reviews, systems interface testing (SIT), WHS audit and much more.

  • If you are having difficulties with your committee, strata manager or contractors, reconciling your disputes before they get to court is a must. We will guide you through this process.

  • Using a facilities management software such as MyBos may just be your answer to your poor time management. Elite BMA can assist you with this.

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I strongly believe in educating people and maintaining people's interest in the industry through

  • Providing accreditation courses which are delivered to all staff, every year which means you can rely on your in your building.

  • Guiding you to be confident in your building to ensure the building owners are getting your best.

  • Maintaining the materials you have at your side are relevant, correct and consistent.

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